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Information for foreign citizens entering Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University in 2015. The dean’s office for Foreign citizens

Admission of foreign citizens within the quota determined by the Government of the Russian Federation according to referral list of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation is performed at following faculties:

  • General Therapy — 6 years training program.
  • Pediatrics — 6 years training program.
  • Dentistry — 5 years training program.

In order to enter 1 course of the University applicants have to submit following documents:

  • Application form addressed to the President of the University.
  • Certificate of preparative unit accomplishment (for those who completed preparative course).
  • Original document confirming secondary general education and its notarized translation.
  • Foreign states documents confirming secondary education should have APOSTIL stamp (recognition of authenticity) and should undergo the procedure of nostrification (recognition of equivalence).
  • Foreign citizens’ documents equal to Russian documents of secondary (general) education can be accepted without certificate of equivalence on condition that the holders of such foreign states documents of education should provide the dean’s office with a certificate of equivalence given by the Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency of the Russian Federation by January 1, 2013.
  • Certificate of health and Vaccination Certificate.
  • Passport with period of validity not less than 1 year, its copy and entry visa granted upon invitation of Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University (for citizens living in the countries not having visa-free entry to the Russian Federation).
  • Medical insurance policy valid in the Russian Federation territory.
  • 5 photos 3×4 cm.

Visa support

Procurement of an invitation is performed by the Passport and Visas Support Department of the University. Documents for the invitation should be presented by July 15.

To apply for the invitation you need:

  1. Download application form and fill it in the Russian language (Example of completed application form).
  2. Send via your representative or by e-mail (ovir_cpbgpma@mail.ru) to the Passport and Visas Support Department:
    • Filled in application form.
    • Copy of passport (well scanned).
  3. Receive the invitation via your representative from the Passport and Visas Support Department. Procurement of the invitation takes 30 days.

Admission of documents from foreign citizens entering the University for training under contracts with the educational tuition paid by individuals is conducted by August 15. From August 27 till August 31 chemistry, biology and the Russian language interviews are held. Decision of enrollment is made according to the results of the interviews.

Foreign citizens having a certificate of results of the Unified State Examination (hereinafter – USE) have a right to enter the University according to the results of the USE.

Enrollment is processed not later than September 15 in case of signing an Educational contract.

The University has a preparative unit to prepare students from foreign countries to study in our University and other medical institutions.

In order to enter the preparative unit an applicant should present:

  • Original document confirming secondary general education and its notarized translation;
  • Certificate of health;
  • Entry visa with aim of travelling ‘for studies’ (for citizens living in the countries not having visa-free entry to the Russian Federation).

Reception to the preparative unit is performed during September.

Graduates from Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University Preparative unit do not have to pass entering tests.